Office Space

ATC2015-4Corporate tenants and their employees will enjoy the prestige and creative comfort of conducting business in the new 126,000 square foot Atlantic Technology Centre. Corporate offices are located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of ATC.

Offices surround twin atriums that stretch from the Lower Level through to the Penthouse. Natural light to all corporate offices is further enhanced by the high density of windows, of which 25% are operable. Corporate offices are accessible via the glass elevators or the circular staircase which runs through the atriums. Corporate offices are separated from common areas via demountable architectural walls, with a minimum 50% glazing.

The floor structure of the corporate offices is Raised Access Floor which allows for the optimum level of heat, cooling and fresh air to be delivered to each employee. The raised floor also houses data/voice/power jacks which can be relocated to meet specific individual needs. The office space is fit up with high ceilings, open span construction, and indirect lighting which reduces employee fatigue by ensuring an even distribution of air and light. Multi-mode fibre is delivered to each floor for efficient cross connect to individual corporate and user locations. Emergency power outlets are distributed throughout the corporate office space.

Tenant Services:

Landlord provided services include heat, air conditioning, fresh air exchange, water, power and property taxes. On site maintenance and janitorial staff ensure common areas are always in clean and operable conditions. Employees have use of a dedicated Tenant lounge and common area throughout the facility.

Strict security provisions include card swipe access control, electronic monitoring and digital video surveillance. 24/7 access is available to all corporate Tenants connected to the central access control system, including monitoring of access to individual corporate offices if desired. Landlord provided emergency power is offered in all common/corporate area spaces via a 500kw diesel generator.

Corporate Tenants can negotiate access to T-1 level internet or higher and connection to the basic ATC Intra-Net services. Corporate advertising and detailed directory listing are provided in the Main Lobby Plasma Gallery.